Celestis prefers full-frame cameras

We have worked with full-frame cameras from the very beginning and the results are impressive. In addition, high-quality lenses are used, which simplifies the post-processing of the images. Natural detail reflects reality and thus provides us with the (image) data that we or an engineering office need to make precise evaluations for you.

Full control during data acquisition

  • Better image quality thanks to large sensor
  • Manual control of exposure
  • Depth of field and crop factor 1.0
  • Wider dynamic range for detail shots in any situation and under all lighting conditions with high quality
Typ Camera

Sony Alpha 7

Sony Aplha 7R


36,0 x 24,0 mm (Cropfaktor 1,0)

Colour depth

42 Bit (14 Bit per colour channel)

Image formats



24,3 (effective) [Sony A7]

42,4 (effective) [Sony A7R]


6.000 x 4.000 (3:2) [Sony A7]

7.952 x 5.304 (3:2) [Sony A7R]