Safe and agile: Perfect for inspections

The equipment (technology and payload) of our Falcon is extensive. It is, despite its low weight, equipped with a full-frame camera (Sony Alpha 7). Within a very short time it is possible to change it and, for example, to install our Flir TAU 2 with a Panasonic camera to record synchronised pictures in RGB and infrared. Whether battery or camera change, both is done in two minutes. An unbeatable advantage are the camera angles, which, due to their design, allow an angle of 180 degrees (vertical) and 23 degrees (horizontal).

Data Sheet Falcon 8 Trinity

  • IMU with triple redundancy
  • Redundancy for each motor configuration - as long as physically possible
  • Fully adaptive flight control & redundant drive system [single point of failure excluded]
  • GPS position control works independently of magnetic fields
  • Camera angle from -90° to +90° (total angle of 180° from ground to zenith); horizontal angle from -23° to +23° (total solid angle 46°)
take-off weight
2.3 kg
flight time
10 - 20 minutes
(depending on the payload)
Flir Tau 2 + Panasonic
LUMIX DMC TZ61 (synchronised),
Sony Alpha 7,
Sony HDR PJ780VE,
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-LX7