Which Riegl LiDAR may it be?

iegl LiDAR scanners are unbeatable when it comes to precision in densely overgrown areas. We describe here the miniVUX 1 UAV, although the miniVUX 2 UAV, each with an Applanix APX 20, is also in use. The presence of two LiDAR scanners provides redundancy, which ensures that a project is implemented within the discussed time frame.

We present: Riegl LiDAR miniVUX 1 UAV

  • Online Wave Processing
  • Synchronised recording from LiDAR and Sony A7R
  • Measuring range of natural targets, at 60% reflection, up to 250 metres
  • Typical flight altitude (AGL) 90 metres, ski slopes 120 metres, substations 40 metres
Typ Payload Riegl LiDAR miniVUX 1 UAV
Max. effective Measuring Rate up to 100.000 measurements/sec.
Field of View (FOV) up to 360 degrees
Precision*) 10 mm
Multiple target capability 5 Target echoes

Note *): Precision, also called reproducibility, is the degree to which further measurements show the same result.