The Images of our customers ...

... are important to us. As a rule, this is sensitive data in the form of evaluable images. We therefore only publish pictures and elaborations which are freely accessible. The showroom is only a small excerpt of our activities and is constantly being expanded.


Photogrammetry, topography and volume calculation

The photogrammetric measurement by LiDAR systems is carried out in accordance with the parameters specified by the customer. Depending on the desired overlap and flight speed, a high point density can be achieved. It goes without saying that in this way detail accuracy is guaranteed. In contrast to pictorial surveying, lighting conditions are not important. Likewise, strong vegetation does not hinder the survey of the terrain.

Photogrammetry, topography

and volume calculation

LiDAR Scan

Power lines con LiDAR

LiDAR Scan

Roof surface with LiDAR

LiDAR Scan

Course of the creek


Here we present excerpts from projects that have been approved by customers. Including post-production.




wind turbine


industrial chimney

Mock up

porosity calculation